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CNA CEU Fall 2017 S6617To register and pay for your class fees, please fill the form below with your information. Click on the Flyer on the right to take a quick look at the classes available.

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Certified Nursing Assistant CEU Enrollment Agreement
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Issuance of Certificate Policy: A Certificate of Completion signed by the instructor and listing the class title, length, date, student’s name, and their CNA/HHA certification number will be mailed within two weeks of class date.

Expediting Fee: Students may pay an expediting fee of $10.00 (cash or money order) to receive their certificate faster than stated in the policy above. They must come to the ROP Office during regular business hours to request the certificate and pay the expediting fee to obtain the certificate within 48 hours of payment.

Location of Suggested Parking Lot: Google Maps View of Parking Lot off Pioneer Blvd 
Location of Classroom Door: Google Maps View of Classroom Door from Pioneer Blvd 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact our office, our contact information is at the bottom of the website.


Instructions: Select all that apply: choose more than 1 class by clicking on all the dates/classes you prefer. Each class has a flat fee of 30$.
Class Topics:
9/16/2017 - Tuberculosis and Its Effects
9/30/2017 - The Musculoskeletal System
10/7/2017 - Arthritis vs Osteoarthritis
10/21/2017 - Rheumatoid Arthritis
11/4/2017 - Autoimmune Disorders
12/2/2017 - Residents’ Rights
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