Forensic Science


  • CTE Sector: Public Services
  • CTE Pathway: Public Safety
  • Located at: La Serna and Santa Fe
  • Recommended Prerequisite: None. Recommended: 11th or 12th grade ROP Administration of Justice

Course Description

Forensic Science is designed to give students both theory and hands-on experience in the skills and knowledge required of a forensic crime scene investigator. Included will be an introduction to crime scene investigation, crime scene photography and diagrams as they are used in a criminal investigation. Also included is the importance of physical evidence in solving crimes, dusting and lifting fingerprints, rolling a 10- print fingerprint card, how to perform a gunshot residue test, methods for collecting and processing various types of evidence and the use of forensic light source technology in crime scene investigations. Emphasized throughout the course is the importance of effective communication and interpersonal skills, professional development, strong academic skills, problem-solving, safety and the use of technology. Academics is an integral part of this course, English, writing and higher level mathematics is emphasized. Integrated throughout the course are Common Core State Standards and Career Technical Education Standards, which include safety, communication, technology, ethics, career planning and other employability skills.

Integrated throughout the course are standards for Career Ready Practice and Academic Content Standards which include: appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge; communication skills; career planning; applied technology; critical thinking and problem solving; personal health and financial literacy; citizenship, integrity, ethical leadership and effective management; work productively while integrating cultural and global competence; creativity and innovation; reliable research strategies, and environment, social and economic impacts of decisions.