How to Be Involved

Be an Advisory Committee Member

Career Technical Education is an important component of a student’s total education. Tri-Cities Regional Occupational Program (TCROP) is a dynamic school-to-career delivery system for high school students and adults. A key to the success of these programs is the cooperation and support provided by the business and industrial community. Today, more than ever, it is critical that Advisory Committees be involved in planning programs and evaluating the successes of our efforts. Committee members assist in maintaining relevant up-to-date training programs also meet accountability requirements set by the California Department of Education.

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Role of Advisory Committee Members

  • Collaborate with educational and other business professionals
  • Attend an annual meeting (up to two hours in length)
  • Provide insight into future employee needs and current trends
  • Act as a professional resource and mentor to the teachers
  • Assist in curriculum review, verification of labor market needs and placement opportunities
  • Provide information to help design, update, modify, expand, and improve the quality of ROP courses
  • Add support and validate ROP programs
  • Help teachers deliver instruction directly related to business and industry standards

Be a Work-Based Learning Site

You, as an employer, can benefit from this program in the following ways:

  • Allows you to observe potential employees while they are being trained in your facility
  • Provides a source of trained employees at no cost to you
  • Supports your community by being involved with an ROP and helping the residents of the community gain job skills
  • With your permission you will receive recognition locally and throughout the state for being a partner in education
  • Receive free advertising on the Tri-Cities ROP website
  • Make a difference in your local community

Work-Based Learning

This is a method of instruction that utilizes unpaid on-the-job training experiences at business, industry, and public agency sites to assist students in developing competencies (skills, knowledge, and attitudes) necessary for entry-level employment.

The intent of work-based learning is to provide additional resources concurrently; formalized classroom instruction can be extended, and the acquisition of salable skills enhanced. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at (562) 698-9571.

More Ways to Be Involved

Be a Resource

Support our students’ courses by providing classroom speakers, equipment, field trips, and scholarships for our Evening of Excellence student recognition event.

Hire ROP Students

Contact Tri-Cities ROP if you have a need for well-trained employees.