Professional Dance I


  • CTE Sector: Arts, Media and Entertainment
  • CTE Pathway: Preforming Arts
  • Located at: Pioneer
  • Recommended Prerequisite: None.

Course Description

Professional Dance I is designed to prepare students for a career in dance. This course requires that students already have the basic knowledge of dance. Students will be exposed to many different aspects of the industry, including auditions, portfolios, agents, negotiating salary, competitions, performing, etc. Students will be introduced to ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, ballroom, among other styles of dance. The course will also include at least one required live performance.

Integrated throughout the course are standards for Career Ready Practice and Academic Content Standards which include: appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge; communication skills; career planning; applied technology; critical thinking and problem solving; personal health and financial literacy; citizenship, integrity, ethical leadership and effective management; work productively while integrating cultural and global competence; creativity and innovation; reliable research strategies, and environment, social and economic impacts of decisions.