Student Services

The Student Services Division oversees child welfare and attendance, centralized registration/enrollment, grants and special projects, worksite learning opportunities, internships, and job placements. In addition, our Student Services Department also supports students with class selection and programming, college and career pathways, and resume and interview assistance through the work of our College and Career Pathways Advisors. As a team, we are dedicated to helping students succeed in college and careers.

Meet Our Team

Alyssa Cabral

College and Career Pathways Advisor

(562) 781-9402

Mayra Campos

College and Career Pathways Advisor
(562) 328-3723

Jennifer Ha

College and Career Pathways Advisor

(562) 325-7290

Audrey Lemke

College and Career Pathways Advisor

Malissa Guerra

CTE Counselor

(562) 332-3796

Judy Morales

Rio Hondo Counselor
(562) 321-0569

Candice Marsano

Work-Based Learning & Pathway Coordinator
Serving Tri-Cities & Rio Hondo College District
(562) 325-0662

Adele Cuevas

Pathway Coordinator and Special Projects

(562) 320-1590